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Museum of M/otherhood

Informing and inspiring lives at the Museum of Motherhood

About Us

This is our COMMUNITY site, designed to support communication and connection between MoM Museum participants. 

We host the online portion of the Annual MoM Conference here, create monthly events (the 22nd of each month) 7-8:30 PM (EST), and offer free flash courses that contribute to our understanding of the art, science, and history of womyn, m/others, families, as well as those exploring reproductive identity.

WE BRING TOGETHER humans, students, teachers, and self-identified m/others to develop rituals and conversations that support practical and creative activities that expand our consciousness and increase connections.

Our mission is to support connection within this community while developing rituals and conversations around practical and creative activities together.

MoM is focused on identity and culture, while offering a safe and inclusive environment free of judgement and discrimination. 

We welcome people of all ages and stages of reproductive experience including non-binary individuals, and those living through pregnancy, adoption, menses, loss, justice, illness, and disability as well as those who are childless by choice.

In this group, we learn to master ongoing challenges, and ultimately define identity and performance on our own terms while acknowledging our many personal accomplishments.

Why You Should Join Us

What We Do and What We Want to Do

  1. Engage with people of all ages in an inclusive, supportive, and smart environment.
  2. Elevate the artistic endeavors of m/others, procreators, dreamers, childless by choice, those experiencing fertility issues, and those who have suffered loss
  3. Educate the public about women’s evolving histories, identities, and roles in the home and in society
  4. Explore the science of menses, conception, gestation, birth, and matresence.
  5. Examine policy and advocacy around parenting
  6. Elaborate on pregnancy and birth as a sacred and creative act
  7. Understand the concept and value of carework 
  8. Nurture those who nurture
  9. Be an international destination for those hoping to learn about  American motherhood
  10. Celebrate our shared human heritage: We all have a reproductive identity.

A Big Thanks

This is our online community. We are so excited to be able to connect with you! Even though we may be geographically distanced, thrilling innovations allow for us to share ideas, energy, excitement, and compassion through this platform. We hope you'll approach us about any material, events, information, and experience you have to contribute here. 877-711-MOMS (6667)